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You worked hard to create your personal corporate style. Now you want people to find you. And in order for people to find you, they have to know you exist. That’s why sharing your content on  popular social media websites is really important.

The best known and most popular players are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter. Selecting the right social media is important and you must ask yourself where do you want to be active. Social media can be tricky business, you can be overwhelmed and trying to be active in all the places.

That’s a huge time suck, and leads to disappointment! It’s best to choose 2-3 platforms where you know you can reach your audience’s. You can choose by answering questions about your product, your audience’s online behavior, and your communication goals. The easiest way, to identify what platforms are right for you, is to look for other bloggers and business in your niche and identify where they spend most of their time and how engaged they are with their audience.

"Social media are website and application communication tools that enable people to interact with each other by creating and sharing content"


Maybe you noticed, Pinterest is my all time favorite place to market my creative blog. It’s fun and free! Pinterest is not a social media platform but more a visual search engine. I LOVE this because there is no requirement for me to be super social ( Believe me, I’m really shy) AND that made it easier for me to sell myself and start building some confidence.
I’ve spent countless hours reading every blog post and recourses I could find. Now it is time to share the love and bringing together all the things I have learned about Pinterest.


  • Free
  • Personal
  • Connect

Instagram is a social networking app which allows its users to share pictures and videos with their friends.

The app can be downloaded for free. For brands looking to get inspired is Instagram one of the most popular go to place.  Your goal is to create an amazing look and feel content that leaves your readers inspired and motivated. 

On Instagram, users are looking for a much more personal experience with the brands they follow and engage with. The content you share on Instagram should give your audience an authentic view into your life.

Build a personal connection with your readers 89%
  • BGB Community – The ultimate list of Instagram resources.
  • Free Instagram challenge –  If you’re a Creative Business Owner + you’ve ever struggled with, “What the heck should I post today?!” the Gram Gang Instagram Challenge is for you! This 30 Day Instagram Prompt Challenge will teach you what to post to connect on an authentic level with your audience + grow your account organically.

Brand yourself on social media


Social media is the place to be and provides you with lots of opportunities to connect with your audience.

But if you want to be a social media success story, you need to brand yourself there, too. Having a solid, unique and consistent social media presence can open up countless opportunities and allows you to break through the clutter. You’ll be recognizable to your target audience and ultimately that drives leads and sales.

Making sure you’re clear on your story and how it helps your audience isn’t always a walk in the park. Social media branding is long process and takes a ton of effort. When you create your social profiles, make sure your brand look, feel, and messages are consistent. If you don’t, you will confuse the audience. More about branding click here

Personalized video


Every entrepreneur has a unique and personal idea to convey his message. With a personalized video, you can highlight the message in a unique way. That personalized video ensures that what you want to tell is also really hanging out. Unlike creating mass media content, you choose to personally address to your customer. By being personal and addressing the viewer with information that is truly unique to him or her.

Your clients have become part of the story:   “This is about me!” By processing personal elements in a video, but not producing a separate video for everyone, that can be done on a large scale. What could this mean for your company? The message will remain and customers will have a positive feel for your business. Because you took the time to really deepen in them.

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